The Best of the Best: What to Expect for the Next 20 Years

Discount textbooks, differential equations textbooks, and college physics textbooks are just some of the products that make up the next big wave of bookselling.But what exactly is a textbook and how do you sell them?And why are they so popular?We’re going to learn all about textbook sales and the biggest lessons that we can glean […]

Free book: How to be a better feminist, a better parent, a great writer, a friend, a lover, a mentor, a confidant

Author Amanda Todd’s book Free to Read is a book that has been out for a year, and she has no plans of stopping.It’s an ambitious and provocative book that offers a clear and concise guide to a wide variety of topics related to feminism, including self-love, gender and sexuality, and how to be the […]

Ten ways to use free textbooks online

The internet is a wonderful tool for students to learn and use the resources available online.However, the use of free textbooks is still rare and often controversial.The following are ten tips to help students save money on textbooks:

U.S. student loans under pressure as student debt continues to climb

By JEFFREY ROBERTS, AP U.N.ICE, Senegal (AP) With U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson on a trip to the U.A.E., Senegal is feeling the pressure to address student loan debt and help people with low incomes.With U,S.President Donald Trump on a visit to Senegal and South Africa, there’s no sign that the U-S.will act to help […]

How to get your kids to embrace math and science from a young age

By Michael Lee-USA TODAY SportsThe most important lesson a young child can learn is to love the classroom and love learning.That’s the lesson the National Science Foundation and the Association for Mathematics Education (AME) are emphasizing with the release of their newest textbook for elementary school children.The book, which will be available in early 2018, […]

How to download the best free ebook for your iPad and iPhone with this free pdf guide

Reddit, the popular online community for sharing and sharing of news, has a ton of content.But you may have noticed that it is also pretty slow.That’s because Reddit’s content is all in one place, and the only way to get around the slowness is to use an online tool called Google Docs, or GDoc.GDoc allows […]

How to buy a textbook

Buyback of textbooks, especially textbooks written by top-ranked professors, has become an increasingly common practice in many universities.This article will cover the basic process of the process.How to purchase a textbook The process of purchasing a textbook can be quite complicated.While there are many ways to buy textbooks, there are only two common methods: by […]

What you need to know about chemical schools, chemistry textbooks

You’re probably not going to find a chemistry textbook in your local school district.But, thanks to a few companies, that’s about to change.The Chemical Schools Corporation is working on a deal to bring its books and other educational materials to classrooms nationwide.Chemists have long relied on these companies to provide high-quality, inexpensive textbooks.The companies have […]

How to use Siri to read books

Now that you have the book, you are ready to go on to the next chapter.Siri will read the book aloud, so that you can read the text aloud, and then play back the audio, so you can hear the text as it is read aloud.Siri reads books with a very low-level of artificial intelligence, […]

Why you should download audio textbooks for your students

You might be wondering how you can afford to buy audio books for your children when you don’t have much money.The answer is that there are many great options available for you to choose from.But what if you don�t want to spend hundreds of dollars?You can also make money by purchasing online and buying audio […]

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