Bookseller J.J. Sussman has an unusual claim for his latest book.

He said a man at the New York City bookshop had an idea for a discount on the textbook he sells.

“He came up with the idea to offer a $15 discount to the customers who paid by credit card, which was unheard of,” Sussmann told Fox News.

“The customers just kind of smiled at me and said, ‘I’m gonna pay for the book, just like my parents did.'”

Sussman’s book is called The Greatest Bookseller in the World: The True Story of the Secret Lives of the World’s Greatest Booksellers, and it is a story about how a man and his family came up through the publishing world to become the world’s greatest booksellers.

The bookseller said he’s not the only one who’s had a chance to see the book.

A group of men who had been on a book tour and stopped at a bookshop in South Carolina had a book bought by them, and when they returned to their hotel room, they opened it and realized they had just paid $15 less than the advertised price.

The men said they decided to share the book with the bookshop manager, who then told them, “That’s how we pay for books, by credit cards.”

The bookseller says the book was a hit and the bookseller told his father about it, but it didn’t take long for the family to start to take notice.

“I mean, this book has been in the family for two generations now,” the father told FoxNews.

“We had been reading and doing research on this book, and then this little guy came along and just happened to buy it, and he said, `I’m going to take the $15 off your bill.

Just like your parents did.’

So we were like, `Oh my God.'”

The book is about the history of the publishing industry, and the father, now a teacher, said he wanted to give his son a gift for his birthday.