The Spanish government is planning to launch an online Spanish textbook suite with Kindle devices, according to Spanish newspaper El País. 

The Spanish Education Ministry said it is aiming to launch the online Spanish textbooks with Kindle by the end of 2019. 

It will be the first time that Spanish schools are planning to offer a Spanish online textbook suite. 

El País said the Spanish education ministry has asked a panel of experts to examine the possibilities and potential benefits of a similar online Spanish textbook suite for use with the Kindle device.

The ministry will then submit its recommendations for the development of the online textbook services, according the newspaper. 

In January, Spanish Education Minister José Manuel Valls said that the government was exploring ways to create online Spanish texts with the devices. 

“In the next two years we will try to bring together all the books in Spanish, and to put the whole country on the same level,” Valls told reporters at the time. 

As part of its plans to create a new kind of textbook suite, Spanish education minister José Manuel García-Margallo said in a speech on September 27 that the Spanish government was working on the possibility of launching an online textbook service for the Kindle. 

Valls said the government would seek the advice of experts on the feasibility of creating a similar system in the future. 

Last month, the Spanish Education ministry launched an online course catalogue called TodoMás, which is a collection of Spanish online courses. 

Spanish government to launch ‘Kindle textbooks’ in 2019El Pais reported on September 29 that the new Spanish textbook service will offer free courses to all users of the Kindle devices.

“This is the first step of the government’s efforts to create an online catalog of courses in Spanish,” García García said in his speech. 

This would be the same catalogue that the British government has already started to offer for free on its Kindle devices after a similar program was launched for the iPad.

The government has also announced plans to launch a new online textbook, which it said would be an “international platform” for the production of online textbooks. 

Spain’s online textbook market is expected to be worth €100 million ($140 million) in 2019.