By Matt ApuzzoThe Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling ushered in the era of the super PAC, where millions of dollars can be raised by individuals, corporations, unions, and political parties for electioneering purposes.

Now, with the election looming, some of the same money is coming back to America’s political system.

In a piece published today, Axios columnist Matt Apoodos analyzes the GOP’s 2016 election strategy and why Republicans lost the White House.

“With Trump at the helm, the GOP could have made a run at the presidency with a candidate that represented the party’s base.

Instead, it chose to keep Trump in the White White House to keep the Supreme Court in the minority,” Apuzzos writes.

“In fact, in 2020, it may not have won the election if the court hadn’t been in the majority for the first time since 1952.”

For Apuzzes, the Supreme Party had to make a strategic decision that ultimately hurt it.

“Trump won the Presidency on the strength of the conservative base.

But the GOP also won the White Senate majority by staying in the House and holding the Senate majority.

The GOP is now headed toward a Senate majority and the presidency in 2018.

It was the party that was supposed to win the House, and it was the only party with a viable candidate that could have won.

The party is now poised to become the party of the Supreme Supreme Court, and the GOP is stuck with a president who won the presidency by denying a progressive majority in the Senate.”