More than a dozen textbook suppliers in Japan are considering shutting down their websites, or switching over to, as part of an effort to cut costs.

The online marketplace has become a powerful weapon in the war against textbook publishers who are threatening to move their books to the cloud.

It is a business model that has been used by Apple and Google in their efforts to become the most popular textbook publisher in the world, as publishers sell the books directly to customers through their online stores.

In response to a survey from online retailer Ebay, many Japanese textbook publishers said they were considering the move.

A source close to the process said that Amazon is in the process of creating its own catalog, and that the company is preparing to announce that it will offer the textbooks for free on Amazon.

It also said that Apple and others are considering selling textbooks to the platform.

But the online retailer is not the only source of free textbooks in Japan.

The Japanese government has also been pushing for the industry to switch to the Amazon model.

Last month, Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda said that his government would push Amazon to switch over to the company’s cloud textbooks service, which would allow the government to control the distribution of textbooks in schools and universities.