Now that you have the book, you are ready to go on to the next chapter.

Siri will read the book aloud, so that you can read the text aloud, and then play back the audio, so you can hear the text as it is read aloud.

Siri reads books with a very low-level of artificial intelligence, so there is no need to worry about the text itself, but it does take a bit of work to get it to understand you.

Here are the steps to getting Siri to understand your voice.


Start the book Now, if you’ve downloaded the book to your iPhone, you should be able to start it up.

You’ll also be prompted to confirm that you want to take the book out of your reading queue.

To start it, tap on the Book icon, then select the Books tab.

Tap on the Books icon and then tap the More icon.

Siri has a built-in dictionary that you will need to learn, so it will ask you to type in the dictionary words that you type in on the keyboard.

For example, you might type in “the title of the book.”

The book will search for the book title and then look for the dictionary word that you enter.

Siri also offers the option to create your own dictionary.

You can use the dictionary to quickly search for words that are similar to words in the book.

If you type “cinnamon,” Siri will search in the dictionaries dictionary to find “ciss” or “citrus.”

To add your own word to Siri, just type it into the dictionary.

For now, you can only add a word that appears in the text.

Siri doesn’t have any pre-made words that will work well with books.

Siri is a great way to learn new words and concepts.

You might find that it’s a little hard to remember things if you don’t have a dictionary.

But it can be a very powerful tool to remember.


Play back the text to see the text As the book reads aloud, Siri will play back its audio, and it will try to make sense of the words.

Siri does this by asking you to “see” the text and “listen” to the audio.

In some cases, you may not be able hear the words as well as they would if they were spoken, but you can still hear the audio when you listen.

In other cases, the text is very loud, and you might have to turn it down to hear it.

You will need an iPhone 6 or later with at least a 4.7-inch touchscreen.


Set your volume to High and turn the volume down Once you have finished listening to the text, Siri can then play the audio back.

You want the volume to be as loud as you want it to be so that Siri can hear your words and be able read the audio aloud.

If the audio is too loud, Siri won’t listen at all.

You may need to turn the audio down to reduce the volume.

The audio can be very loud if the book is very heavy, so be sure to check your settings.


Use the search feature to find what you want To find the book you want, simply tap on Siri’s icon.

You should see a list of all the books in your library.

Tap the book that you’d like to start reading, and Siri will open the search dialog.

To open the dialog, simply enter the book’s title in the search field.

To add more words, just tap on an additional word in the list.

Siri can use multiple search terms to find the exact book you are looking for.

To find something that is related to the book in the library, you could search for “book of books.”

The search will only return books that are related to that book.

To narrow down the search to a specific book, simply type in its title in search.

To end a search, simply hit the cancel button in the dialog box.


Play audio back and make notes If you have a few minutes to spare, you probably want to keep notes.

To do this, you will first need to start the book by tapping on the book icon.

Now, you’ll see the search box appear.

Tap Search.

Siri then asks you to make a note in the Books list.

To make a reference to a particular word or phrase in the books list, simply search for it.

The book should then display a list, which you can add to the Notes list.

When you finish a note, it will be displayed in the Notes menu.

To finish a reference, just hit the “Cancel” button in Siri’s search dialog box, and the note will be deleted.


Use Siri to add bookmarks and other information To add a bookmark to your library, simply go to the Books menu, then tap Add Bookmark.

Siri now shows you a list that shows you all the bookmarks that are in your books list.

The list shows all the Bookmarks that Siri has