How to get a textbook broker to pay for your education

A new study finds that for most students, textbook brokers are just as bad as textbook publishers.The new research from The Wall Street Journal’s Robert Kuttner and Paul Hilderbrand shows that while textbook publishers earn a lot of money, the textbook brokers make much less than booksellers.“If a textbook publisher gets a $10,000 loan, it […]

Spanish textbooks to offer online courses for Kindle devices

The Spanish government is planning to launch an online Spanish textbook suite with Kindle devices, according to Spanish newspaper El País. The Spanish Education Ministry said it is aiming to launch the online Spanish textbooks with Kindle by the end of 2019. It will be the first time that Spanish schools are planning to offer a Spanish […]

Which of the following is the best textbook for a Chinese learner?

This question originally appeared on Quora.More questions about books are welcome on the Quora forum.

How did a bookseller get a $20,000 discount on a textbook?

Bookseller J.J. Sussman has an unusual claim for his latest book.He said a man at the New York City bookshop had an idea for a discount on the textbook he sells.“He came up with the idea to offer a $15 discount to the customers who paid by credit card, which was unheard of,” Sussmann told […]

When to Use ECampus Textbooks Online: An Overview

The first time you use an online textbook is usually the best time.There are no guarantees that the content will be exactly the same as the print edition, but it should be free of plagiarism.The second time is a bit more complicated.If the text in the online edition of your favorite textbook is so similar […]

New German textbook to boost students’ academic performance

By NBC NewsA German textbook has been touted as a way to boost academic performance by teaching students about the history of science and the impact of technology.The text, entitled “Geology, Genetics and Evolution: A History” is the first book by German publisher Verlag der Verwaltungsfähigkeit, or Verwachtungsführendeit, which describes itself as a “global learning […]

How to find textbooks online for free in Indonesia: An Indonesian guide

The digital landscape of the country is full of resources and software to help you find your way through it.Some are free, some are paid, and some are completely free.Here’s what you need to know about what you can find and what you don’t.(Image credit: Jokowi/YouTube)But as the digital landscape grows, so does the difficulty […]

How to Learn About the Western Civilization Textbook by John Lewis

How to Read Western Civilization textbook by John “Bobby” Lewis, the author of the bestseller The West.You can get it on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Barnes and Noble Education, Barnes Books, and other outlets.The book is available at Barnes & Nobles, Barnes Education, Amazon, and more.Lewis, a professor of history at Harvard University, said he […]

How to find the perfect pirate textbook

What you need to know about pirate textbooks: What are the biggest challenges you faced with finding the right pirate textbooks?The pirates who were able to make it on pirate textbooks were a small handful, but they were all able to overcome the challenges, as evidenced by the success they had with their pirate textbooks.The […]

Why college students use textbooks to help them study for exams

An increasing number of students are using their college textbooks as tools to study for their college exams.The students are not using the textbooks to improve their performance, but to supplement their studies with knowledge from their school library, a new study by Princeton University researchers found.The study, published online by the journal PLOS ONE, […]

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