L’Angelli dell’Alba della Pisa is a collection of articles written by the author of “Algebra for Students from the Ages of 8-15”.

In this edition, you will find: 1) a short essay on geometry by Alessandro Lazzari, a professor of geometry at L’Espagna di Pisa, the university in Italy, which also has a branch in Florence; 2) an introduction to the topic of geometry by Luigi Mancuso, who is an expert on the subject of geometry; 3) a glossary of the vocabulary used in the work, and 4) a list of useful books, including the best ones for those interested in the subject.

L’Aquila is available for pre-school children, elementary school students and even for advanced students who wish to learn the subject more comprehensively.

The book has been translated into English and French, and a German translation has been published.

The text is available in French, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Polish.

It also has the subtitle “Alma la verità”, “Alumni of L’Encyclopédie” or “Almaty University”.