UVA has announced a major overhaul of its online textbook offerings, including removing a large section devoted to the UVA Medical School.UVA’s online textbooks have been widely criticized for lacking in information, content, and content descriptions that are specific to the medical school.

The university announced the change today, calling the changes “transformational” for students and faculty.

“The UVA Health System has been working with the Office of Academic Freedom (OAF) and faculty and community members to implement a more accurate and complete medical education, and to strengthen the curriculum,” UVA said in a statement.

“The UVAScript.com content will now be based on the same content guidelines and academic standards as our online textbooks.”

The move comes after a year-long overhaul of UVA’s textbooks that was expected to include more content, more images, and more concise descriptions.

In September, UVA announced it was pulling the University of Maryland textbook from the U.S. market.