The next generation of students are reading the Internet textbooks of the past, which are written by teachers themselves.

The latest to embrace the digital-only model are the University of California-Davis and Cornell University.

The University of Southern California has also launched a textbook for students and their teachers, as well as for the general public.

According to a recent report from The Washington Post, the online version of these textbooks is becoming more and more popular, as students move online and are able to access textbooks on demand.

The authors of the report, Emily Wachter and Adam Schwartz, say that the trend is driven by the increasing number of students who are able and willing to use their own resources to read and research the material online.

The book is being sold through Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and there are now more than a dozen online textbooks available for purchase.

The most popular of these online textbooks, The University Guide to Teaching for Students, has sold over 6.5 million copies.

The digital version of the textbook is not only being used by teachers but also by students.

Students are able at their own discretion to buy a physical book for their classroom or to order one online.

According to the authors of The University Guides, teachers who use their digital versions of the textbooks are doing so with a goal of giving students the best possible learning experience.

“Teachers are being rewarded for using the digital version because it is the most effective way to learn,” the authors wrote.

“Students benefit from more personalized learning and more time with a teacher who can provide them with a personalized curriculum tailored to their interests and learning style.”

The book is available at Amazon and, as are several other online sources. Read More