Axios/Bloomberg News/Business Insider A new edition of the textbook sold by Pearson, the parent of The New York Times, is finally available for purchase online, and the price has gone up.

In a statement provided to Axios, Pearson said it’s working with publisher Realidades to bring the textbook to its website, and that the price was “up slightly.”

The new edition includes updated content on how to create a mobile app, new topics and more.

The price, the company said, will be $49.95.

The real-world textbook, RealIDades 2, was announced in December as Pearson’s “flagship online course” for students from low-income families.

The company’s website shows a series of interactive maps of real-life cities and neighborhoods and includes an interactive online textbook.

In December, Pearson also announced that it would make RealIDados online course free.

Pearson said in December that it has partnered with Realidados to make the textbook free.

The company also said the textbook is now available for download for $39.95, with the option to upgrade to a $49 or $49-per-month plan, and it’s available on the Pearson website.

The new edition is not the first time Pearson has raised the price of its textbooks.

In April, the publisher said it would be offering a textbook free to families with children who attend public schools, but not everyone will be able to get it.

In June, Pearson lowered the price for a textbook from $79.95 to $49, with no price increases for students who have no children attending public schools.