Israel has purchased $50m worth of textbooks from a global supplier in an effort to raise the nation’s literacy level, the state news agency Ynet reported on Sunday.

The purchase comes as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is looking to boost education spending in the wake of the killing of two young Israelis in a drive-by shooting in Jerusalem in November.

In September, the government agreed to buy 1.5 million textbooks from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) for $30.9m.

Israel has said the purchase will help strengthen its education system and provide a “better future for all.”

The new purchase is part of a $3.8bn plan to improve education standards across the country.

The government has been pressing for more textbooks and for the government to allocate funds for teachers, while also investing in new technology.

It is also aiming to make the education system more accessible and to make it more affordable for students to purchase textbooks online.