The nation’s high school textbooks may soon be more diverse than ever, with an influx of genetic research and genetic counseling as well as more genetic data available to parents.

The U.N. General Assembly has agreed to approve a new edition of the National Geographic book for use by U.K. schools and other countries.

But it won’t include genetic counseling.

The U.P.S., which is based in Cambridge, Mass., is the lead author of the new edition.

It has already started using the book to train staff at the U-M School of Public Health.

The textbook will have chapters on genetics, genetic engineering, epigenetics, and human genetics.

It will include a chapter on cancer and a chapter about obesity.

The new edition will be available by the end of the year.

It’s not yet clear how many copies of the book will be produced.

In the meantime, parents and students can find out more about the book on the UU website.

The book’s authors are also creating an app to allow people to see their genetic information, including the number of children with each gene, and how it compares with other people.

U-M’s Genealogical and Medical Genealogy Center is also creating a site that provides parents with a summary of the genetic information they can share.

U-P is developing an app that allows parents to upload their genetic data to the site.

The app is currently free to download, and it is available on both U.G.S.-affiliated sites and in the UPUs database.

The app will be free for people in the United States and Canada.