NEW YORK — A UVA professor says she is shocked to learn that some schools are teaching math to sixth-graders as if they were second-grade students.

UVA professor Amy Sorensen, a professor of English at the university, said some of her students are learning math concepts as if it were second grade.

She said she recently took her first math class, which was taught by a math teacher who told her the subject is not a topic that is taught in the sixth grade.

She said it makes her feel like she is “not part of the world.”

UVC, which is part of UVA, said in a statement that it was “aware of the concerns raised by some educators” but said the issue was “not a priority at the time.”

“The focus is on teaching math concepts in a way that supports learners’ growth and development,” UVC said.

“This is part and parcel of the larger goal of engaging learners in learning and preparing them to become responsible citizens.

It is critical that we remain mindful of the learning and development opportunities that STEM learning offers.”

We are actively working to make STEM learning available in a variety of ways and will continue to evaluate and work on ways to make this experience as accessible as possible.