More than 2,000 years ago, the first people in India, the Jains, lived in a vast empire, called the Himalayan kingdom, with an enormous empire of a million square miles.

They lived a very different way to our ancestors.

They had very small villages, but they lived very, very well.

They didn’t have electricity, they didn’t live in the villages, they lived in huge palaces and mansions.

They went to all the different places they wanted to go.

They built houses and had palaces, and they had palatial gardens.

They ate the finest food.

They cooked everything, they ate the best food, they had very big palaces.

They were extremely rich.

They also had very bad health.

They died a lot of deaths.

They all died of sickness and old age.

When the time came to go to the temple and pray, they would sit down at the foot of a mountain and pray to God for a long time.

And then, they’d take the offerings to the gods.

When they finished the prayers, they came back to the village and the villagers would give them their offerings, and there was a meal.

They made offerings, but it was not the same as the one before.

They would eat more of the food that they were eating, and then they would return to the house and the meal would be different.

So, they gave up their religion and left the religion behind.

They gave up the gods and started eating more of their food.

But the old gods that they worshipped were not very good.

They worshiped the sun and the moon, the stars, and the sun god, and so, they worshipped all the deities of the world.

And these gods were not good.

So they started to go on pilgrimages and they would go to different places, and one of the things that the people in those times did was they would put their own money on their head and they’d go there and they took it and they gave it to the god of the place.

The gods would bless them, and that’s how the Hindus came to have their own religion.

And the gods would take their offerings and they used the money to make offerings to these temples, which were also temples.

But these temples were not big enough to worship all the gods that the Jain people worshiped, so they had to make sacrifices to other gods, and this was what we call “worship”.

There was no one god, but we all worshipped a different one.

The old gods worshiped Shiva, and these other gods worshipped Vishnu, and God was a person that was the ruler of the universe, the ruler who ruled over the universe.

They worshipped the gods of the gods, because they had nothing to do with the gods at all.

And so, we had to worship God.

This is how the Hindu religion started.

And as we worshiped God, we became the same.

But then there came a time when we began to worship other gods.

And that is when we became a religion that came from the west, from Europe.

We worshipped the Sun, the Moon, the planets, and everything that we saw.

And this is the religion that we call Hinduism.

And Hinduism is not something that came out of India, this religion that was introduced to us by the Jaina civilization.

It came from Asia Minor, from the Roman Empire.

And India was very rich.

The wealth was very good, but also the religion was very primitive.

So we have to make an effort to understand the religion.

The religion was invented in the 7th century, about 4,000-5,000 B.C., by the emperor Diocletian, and it is the most primitive religion that the world has ever seen.

The most primitive part of it was the worship of the Sun.

The Sun was the one who created everything that was made, who created all the stars and the planets and everything in the universe; and when the gods came to visit them, they worshiped them, but only on their knees, and only on the first day of the month.

And when the Sun came to worship them, it made the most beautiful things and the most lovely sounds and the sounds of the sun.

And in the first year of the year, the Sun would go into the temple, and he would come out, and people would see him and they worship him, and at the end of the first month, they all go home.

And at the same time, they will be able to see the sun again.

The Hindus believed that the sun came into the world from heaven, that he was the father of the whole world, and from the beginning of the creation, he was worshipped.

They believed that he created the world, that everything that exists is his creation, and in that, they believed, that they would be able in the