Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple and Yahoo are among the world’s top five companies for political content, according to a new survey of more than 6,000 websites.

The survey, conducted by data firm Comscore, also found that Facebook, Google and Twitter are the most popular news and political content platforms in the world, with over one-third of their audience being online users.

Comscore, which analyzes user data for publishers, found that the top five tech companies are the same as the top three publishers, with the biggest disparity between their audiences and readers.

Facebook is the most dominant, with nearly seven-in-ten users saying they have used Facebook news and politics articles on the site, followed by Twitter, with more than six-in–ten users.

The companies also appear to be converging on the same basic topics and topics, with Google having about a third of its readership being on topics like global warming, and Facebook and Twitter having roughly the same number of topics on topics such as social issues.

The data suggests that people are not only searching for the news and issues that matter to them, but are also seeking the information that will inform their choices, Comscore said.

Google, for example, is viewed as a top news destination, but its readers are much more likely to be on topics related to its search engine and social media platforms, the company said.

For all the attention Google has received lately for its role in President Donald Trump’s controversial immigration policies, the companies appear to still be far from having a firm grip on the content that gets shared online.

The company said last week that it has removed about half of the content it considers to be politically offensive, while it is also trying to remove more controversial content.

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