Books are being made available online for $2.99 each.

That means you can buy books for $1.99, $2, or $5 online.

It’s an all-you-can-eat buffet of books.

There are more than 50 million titles on, according to the company.

That’s up from about 2.5 million a decade ago.

If you want a certain book, it’s easier to find a place online to buy it.

And many retailers, including Barnes & Noble, Borders and the New York Times, offer a subscription service that offers unlimited access to their titles.

What if you’re a student?

A student is eligible for a free digital copy of a book if it’s a new or used edition.

If the student bought the book from a publisher, that publisher has to return the book to the school for a refund.

You can also take the books home for a library pass or for use in an online study program.

Some colleges and universities offer free online access to textbooks.

You can also borrow digital copies of books from a library or a college book store.

A $2 or $3 discount on books for sale is on offer from some retailers.

Some online bookstores offer discounts up to $2 a book.

Some are offering deals on older titles for $4 or $8.

How much does a book cost?

Books for students range from $2 to $3.

They can be purchased for $5.99.

Online retailers have prices for books ranging from $4 to $9.99 and some are offering discounts on titles up to 50 percent.

Online retailers also sell textbooks for $3 to $12.99 for students.

Books and other digital content from colleges and libraries are available for purchase on Amazon, eBay,, Kobo, the New Zealand Amazon bookstore, Barnes & Nobles and Walmart.

Free access to college textbooks is one of the perks of being a student.

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