A book collection finder is a tool that searches for books by topics in a particular book collection, which may be used for finding books by specific authors, genres or even books by a particular subject.

The software is commonly referred to as a book catalog, or a book finder.

The online tool has a large collection of books available to users from more than 60,000 titles.

“The Book Catalog is a service of Google and Amazon, both of which are part of the Alphabet Group, the company that owns Google, as well as Amazon,” says a Google spokesperson in an email to CBC News.

“We offer thousands of titles in many categories for free and many are available to search in search results.

The Book Catalog helps you find books by title, publisher, author, subject, publisher’s region, and more.”

While a search can be performed by either Google or Amazon, the Book Catalog software is used by most book search sites.

A search can include topics, authors, subject and publisher, which can be important for books that are often not easily found in a search.

“In most cases, a search by a title will return results for that title.

For books that may not be available in Google search, we recommend you look at the search results for a book that has a link to the title, but the title may not appear in the results,” says Mark Smith, an associate professor of computer science at York University.

The company also provides a tool called Book Catalog for Apple devices, which allows users to browse the site by author, publisher and subject.

Google also has its own Book Catalog search engine, which does not rely on the Google search service.

“Our software is designed to allow you to search and find books in a variety of genres and subject matter, including nonfiction and fiction,” says Smith.

“It will also offer you a range of information, such as author, title, publication date, and publisher.

Our search engine will also let you browse by genre, author or title and the titles will provide links to relevant information, and the search will display results based on the search criteria, including genre and subject.”

The Book Catalogue tool can also be used to search for titles in a specific book series or author, and it can also help users locate titles by topic, such the subject of a certain article.

“There are many titles available on the book catalog that are not searchable using the search engines, but we recommend that you use the book catalogue to search the book series you are interested in,” says the spokesperson.

“These titles are frequently used by other authors, publishers and other sources.”

This article originally appeared on CBC News’ Book Search site.