An infographic by the company of nursing textbooks from the 1990s has revealed how to read a nursing textbook to save up to 60% more money.

The infographic, created by Accenture, offers advice on how to avoid buying expensive textbooks, read a range of other popular texts, and find out how much of a difference they make to your health.

“When you buy textbooks, you’re buying a large number of books with a very small number of pages,” said John J. Worsley, president and chief executive officer of Accenture.

“And we think there are a lot of people who don’t read enough.”

The infographic explains how to select a nursing text from the Accenture library, which is available in a range for sale at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

It suggests buying two or three books at a time, but notes that you can buy up to two books for each of your kids.

Accenture recommends the following textbook choices for each child: