The US government has found online textbooks that students can access for free in their home state can help them graduate, according to a new study.

The Department of Education said the study shows that the free access to online education helps students complete college courses and get their degrees.

It said the research is the first to show that free online learning helps students get their degree.

The report comes as the US government prepares to announce its next-generation college and university curriculum in 2018.

The department has been working to streamline its education system, which has seen millions of students drop out of college or move on to higher education.

Earlier this year, the US Department of Labor also published its 2018 college-to-university transition plan, which called for allowing students to transfer courses or even transfer their college credit to earn an associate’s degree.

However, that plan did not include free online education.

The education department said that the findings are similar to other studies done over the past five years that found online learning had helped students complete their degree in the US.

The research also found that online learning helped students finish college in two states.

In Pennsylvania, where most students transfer, the study found students finished their degrees in the state in five years, compared to four years in Maryland.

The students in the study also completed college degrees in Maryland in three years compared to one year in Pennsylvania.