More Australian textbooks will be updated to reflect changes in the world, as the nation’s Department of Education announced today it will update more than 30,000 books to reflect the changing face of the internet.

Key points:The Department of Human Services (DHSS) says more than 1.4 million children in Australia use online learning tools, with over one-third of them using a smartphoneThe update will also introduce the option of using an iPad as a tabletThe DHSS says the updated books will also include “new, relevant content” for students to use and access on the go, as well as “new interactive materials” for learners to learn on.

In a statement, the DHSS said it had worked with the Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) and the National Council of Australian Governments (NCAG) to ensure the books would reflect the new internet era.

“These updated books cover a range of subjects and offer a new look at Australia’s past and present,” the statement said.

“It will also provide a new tool to support online learning, with the option to use an iPad or laptop as a personal digital device.”

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In addition to updating the books, the department will also release a free iPad app to all children who have already enrolled in online courses.

The DHS said it would also update the popular textbooks for children aged six to 12, which include new content, such as the first book in the new science and technology curriculum, the Australian Institute of Child Health and Development (AICHD).

“We are delighted to be able to provide these books to children who may have missed them in previous editions,” DHSS Chief Information Officer Mark Jones said.

Read moreAbout 1.2 million students and parents will receive an update from the department on the latest content available in the books.

The updates will include new, relevant and relevant content for children to use.

The new books will include a new interactive guide to Australian history and culture, and new interactive materials for students and teachers to learn.

The first two books in the Australian Science and Technology curriculum will also be updated.

The updated textbooks will also give the DHS more freedom in how they can use technology to help students learn.

“This is a great opportunity for us to take advantage of technology in ways that are more accessible and more affordable for children,” DHS Chief Information officer Mark Jones told the ABC.

“We will be able, as part of the process, to use the devices that are already in our hands and to use those to help make it easier for children and adults to learn, and to get a better understanding of how they’re learning.”

The updated books also include the option for using an iOS device as a laptop or tablet.

“The new iPads and iPhones are available for purchase for $1.99 and will be a key part of this update, and we are happy to provide them to parents,” DHSA Chief Information Adviser John Gough said.

The books will be released at the end of September.