The Times Of India on Monday reported that some textbooks used by some teachers in India have been written using outdated or inaccurate sources.

According to the report, some textbooks in India were written in 2008 and 2017 by former teachers who were in the last year of their terms, and some by teachers who had no teaching experience, and the books are being used to teach the students in classes in their schools.

Teachers who are using outdated textbooks will be punished with a fine of ₹5,000 and up to two years imprisonment, while those who are teaching textbooks that are based on new sources are facing up to five years imprisonment.

The Times of Indian reported that the issue of plagiarism in India is not new.

A report published in September 2016 by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) found that “more than 50 per cent of textbooks used in classrooms across the country are being copied or re-written without the knowledge of the teachers or students”.

The report also said that there was a problem of overuse of textbooks in schools.

According the report: “There is a significant problem in the way teachers are using the new textbooks, which often are based only on sources which have little to do with the subject matter of the textbooks and are often based on the word count of the textbook and not on the original source.”