Google Books offers a search function to help you find and purchase books, but it has yet to make the same feature available for its textbook library.

That’s the conclusion of a Bloomberg News investigation, which found that the library hasn’t made it available for book purchases in some years, even as it is becoming a major source of information for students.

It’s not clear how many users use the API, which is built into the Google Apps app for Chrome and is available in the Google search bar on most devices.

It also is not available to Apple or Microsoft users, according to Bloomberg.

The Bloomberg investigation found that Google hasn’t yet made its textbook search available to developers, either.

Google’s website doesn’t list a developer API for the library.

It didn’t respond to a request for comment from Bloomberg.

Google hasn’t said how many of the books available through the library are available for purchase.

The library has a number of partners, including bookseller Pearson, which has developed a suite of search and purchase features for the service.

Google hasn’s own developer library for the platform.

“The library’s library search service is still a work in progress, and we haven’t seen the library’s app for use with Google books yet,” said David Schulman, a senior adviser at the Library Association, a nonprofit that advocates for libraries and education.

“We expect Google to open the library to developers as soon as possible.”