A book broker in Florida is offering students and teachers $100 textbooks to buy at a discounted rate.

Ahead of the 2018-2019 school year, The New York Times has profiled book sellers and book brokers in the United States, looking for signs of how bookselling and other online sellers might affect students.

Book sellers and brokers typically sell books for less than $10.

According to the Times, a textbook seller might sell $5,000 of a student’s textbook at a time, while a book broker might charge $5 to $10 for a $10 book.

Book sellers can charge $100 per book for students to buy them online, but that may be too expensive for students, said David Stiles, a law professor at American University in Washington.

“It’s not a way for them to earn money, and it’s not going to generate any revenue for them,” he said.

Stiles said book brokers may also be competing with online textbooks, which have been available for many years.

While it’s true that there is more competition in online textbooks than in traditional books, “there’s no reason that book brokers should be selling textbooks,” he added.

Stiles called the move a positive development for students.

“This is an important step in improving access to books for students who are currently stuck in an expensive system of book stores and distribution networks,” he wrote in an email.

Book prices in the U.S. have fallen by 25 percent since 2000.