Science textbooks may soon have to tell students about the effects of global warming.

The federal government has announced that its new textbook for science and technology will be available online for free for all students in all states and territories. 

According to the Associated Press, a release by the Department of Education said the textbook would include information on the climate change and air pollution impacts. 

The release was published on the department’s website.

The department said the release of the science and technology exams could “help prepare students to think critically about how science is applied in the real world.”

The release said that in the face of a changing climate, our science and technology are being challenged and our ability to communicate with the public is at risk. 

A statement from the Department stated that it is important that our science education is transparent, and that we have the tools and information needed to provide the best possible learning environment for students, parents and communities. 

Students in the United States have been frequently pursued by federal regulators over claims that they are missing information about climate change.

The Education Department said in 2016 that students should be taught about the science and its impacts on the environment, including the effects of climate change, and that the department was considering expanding the climate change exam.