— �This book is a great deal for the money,� said Scott Biederman, a senior editor at

�And the customer service and support is great.� is selling nearly 400,000 books for $50 each through its Kindle store.

That�s a bargain compared with the number of books it sold last year.

The company has sold more than 3 million books through its Amazon store in the past year.

But the company�s Kindle sales are falling.

The U.S. book market has been growing rapidly since it started declining about 10 years ago, according to The NPD Group, which tracks book sales.

That growth has slowed somewhat in recent years, as consumers have gotten used to cheaper, easier-to-find books.

Amazon has more than 4 million Kindle devices and has more books available through its store than ever before.

Amazon doesn�t disclose how many books are sold in the Kindle store, but it estimates that there are roughly 3 million Kindle e-books sold per month.

The Kindle store sells most of the books it sells through its website and other retailers.

The NPG estimates that Amazon sells about 2 million e-book books annually.

Amazon also offers discounted shipping through its program Kindle Direct, which is available to people who can�t afford Amazon Prime membership.

Amazon said it sells about 100 million books annually through its online store.

The average price per book in the U.K. is about $15, compared with $12 for the average U.W.T. price.

The same book can be sold for $5 or $10 in Canada and New Zealand.

Amazon estimates that booksellers sell an average of 100,000 titles a year. �Amazon�s ebook sales have been on a downward trend over the past few years, but the company hopes to reverse that trend in the coming years, said Michael A. Bied, an analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein.

Biermann said Amazon is still in the midst of an internal review of the ebook program.

Amazon declined to comment on its Kindle Direct program.

The e-reader company has also been struggling to find a way to sell more books.

Last year, Amazon said it lost about $1 billion on the Kindle program.

Last week, Amazon announced that it was shutting down its bookstore, and that all its stores would close on March 29.

The online retail giant said it would stop offering e-readers and tablets for $49.99 a year, and it would also cut its staff by 2,000.