When to use a ‘best practice’ as an example for teaching python

I have spent the last few weeks trying to understand the best practices for teaching Python.I’ve learnt a lot from the feedback I’ve received and have even started a blog where I share my own experience of teaching Python in the classroom.In this post I want to give a couple of examples that are both […]

What you need to know about textbook covers

Books can come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and you can purchase books that are customized to your tastes.To make it easier to find what you’re looking for, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular textbooks covering the subjects you want to learn about.1.Book cover basics: The basicsWe’re going to start […]

Which is better for your brain? A new study finds the answer is both

More than 100 neurologists have published a landmark study that suggests one of the most popular textbooks for preschoolers is actually bad for your health.The study, published in the journal Neurology, looked at brain scans from 7,000 children and found that reading the book was associated with increased risk of developing ADHD and other learning […]

How to sell books online using Amazon and Google in the UK

The first ever textbook sale was on Tuesday in London, where booksellers were selling textbooks to people with credit cards for a price of £1,499.But the sale is a far cry from the way people normally shop for books online.The process has changed since the advent of the digital age.As a result, a textbook has […]

When a college professor wants to rent out your DNA book, what’s the catch?

A professor who wants to use her DNA textbook for her class has to register the books with the College Board and get a waiver from the U.S. Department of Education, the Department of Health and Human Services and the University of California, according to a recent report by The Washington Post.The College Board, which […]

Israel buys $50 million in foreign textbooks to fund construction

Israel has purchased $50m worth of textbooks from a global supplier in an effort to raise the nation’s literacy level, the state news agency Ynet reported on Sunday.The purchase comes as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is looking to boost education spending in the wake of the killing of two young Israelis in a drive-by shooting […]

How to read an online textbook

The next generation of students are reading the Internet textbooks of the past, which are written by teachers themselves.The latest to embrace the digital-only model are the University of California-Davis and Cornell University.The University of Southern California has also launched a textbook for students and their teachers, as well as for the general public.According to […]

Textbook Finder for Apple’s iBooks

Bookseller Unr found an error in an online textbook listing the most popular textbooks for the Apple iBooks app.A search on the bookseller’s website turned up the books listed as part of the “Best Online Schools” list on the company’s website, which is part of its “Teacher Resources” section.The books listed were not in the […]

When you buy a textbook, what are you buying?

What you are buying can be complicated.But it doesn’t have to be.In fact, you should probably have a few ideas about what you should be buying, because you may have a hard time narrowing it down.Here are five of the most common textbook buying questions.1.What is the cover price of the textbook?How much does the […]

How to download the best free ebook for your iPad and iPhone with this free pdf guide

Reddit, the popular online community for sharing and sharing of news, has a ton of content.But you may have noticed that it is also pretty slow.That’s because Reddit’s content is all in one place, and the only way to get around the slowness is to use an online tool called Google Docs, or GDoc.GDoc allows […]

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