What you need to know about chemical schools, chemistry textbooks

You’re probably not going to find a chemistry textbook in your local school district.But, thanks to a few companies, that’s about to change.The Chemical Schools Corporation is working on a deal to bring its books and other educational materials to classrooms nationwide.Chemists have long relied on these companies to provide high-quality, inexpensive textbooks.The companies have […]

How to use Siri to read books

Now that you have the book, you are ready to go on to the next chapter.Siri will read the book aloud, so that you can read the text aloud, and then play back the audio, so you can hear the text as it is read aloud.Siri reads books with a very low-level of artificial intelligence, […]

How to get an education textbook online: What you need to know

You can’t have it all, of course.But if you want to be able to read the textbook, you’ll need to be familiar with the basic concepts and algorithms used to calculate, type and calculate symbols.You can also download the entire text online, and take notes and write your own essays.“We have a lot of material […]

Why Amazon is killing the book store with its e-book store: Why Amazon will kill the digital bookstore

Amazon will shut down its physical bookstore business in a massive move that could potentially put tens of thousands of books in digital limbo.The online retailer is set to begin taking bookstores offline as part of a $5 billion investment that will be completed by the end of 2019.The move is part of an aggressive […]

The Lad bible: A Biblical Interpretation of Open Source Bible

title The following is a translation of the Lad Bible article by Daniel D. Baskin, who has been doing open source Bible translation for over 40 years.If you are not familiar with Baskins translation of Lad, you may want to check out his blog at http://danielbaskin.blogspot.com/ .In this post I will provide a short overview […]

How did a bookseller get a $20,000 discount on a textbook?

Bookseller J.J. Sussman has an unusual claim for his latest book.He said a man at the New York City bookshop had an idea for a discount on the textbook he sells.“He came up with the idea to offer a $15 discount to the customers who paid by credit card, which was unheard of,” Sussmann told […]

Why college students use textbooks to help them study for exams

An increasing number of students are using their college textbooks as tools to study for their college exams.The students are not using the textbooks to improve their performance, but to supplement their studies with knowledge from their school library, a new study by Princeton University researchers found.The study, published online by the journal PLOS ONE, […]

Why the Genki Textbook has been the most profitable textbook ever.

TechRadr: Why is the Genkki textbook the most popular textbook ever?The Genki textbook is a textbook that has been around for over 10 years and has a massive following.For a long time, the book has been widely distributed, as you might expect, with its popularity in the US and the UK increasing in the past […]

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