How to use the new medical terminology textbook

How to read medical terminology is easier now than ever.But it’s important to know how to use it correctly.In this guide, we’ll walk through the basics of medical terminology to make sure you can effectively use the dictionary.If you’re unfamiliar with medical terminology, it’s best to read this section of the guide before you begin […]

When can you buy books online?

Books are being made available online for $2.99 each.That means you can buy books for $1.99, $2, or $5 online.It’s an all-you-can-eat buffet of books.There are more than 50 million titles on, according to the company.That’s up from about 2.5 million a decade ago.If you want a certain book, it’s easier to find a […]

Google, Yahoo: Study Guide to US Presidential Elections

Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple and Yahoo are among the world’s top five companies for political content, according to a new survey of more than 6,000 websites.The survey, conducted by data firm Comscore, also found that Facebook, Google and Twitter are the most popular news and political content platforms in the world, with over one-third of […]

How to save money on textbooks: Get rid of expensive textbooks and buy online

The best part of textbooks is they are not expensive, they are free.However, that is not what most people are talking about when it comes to textbooks.We are talking textbooks that are being sold in bookstores, at online bookstores and online retailers, or are being bought by people with their own funds to get their […]

The best calculus textbooks for all your algebra homework

Cengage and Cengaging textbooks have come under increasing scrutiny due to plagiarism allegations, with many of the books being widely used.The company is set to launch the first major new algebra textbook in five years on Tuesday.The book will be titled The Best Calculus textbooks for All Your Algebra Hacking article The title is not […]

How to stop feeling guilty for the book that made you a millionaire

You’ve just bought a new book.It’s a classic, with a new cover and a new publisher.The price is just $1.99.What did you expect?This is the type of book where you feel guilty.What do you do about it?You look for the best answer online, and start the self-help search for yourself.For example, you might think to […]

A guide to textbook companies, connections, and other issues

The world of textbook publishing is not a new thing.Back in the day, the industry was dominated by the largest companies.Today, most publishers and textbook publishers are small businesses.The most important thing to know about textbook publishing, though, is that they are not the same. A few months ago, I attended a conference at which we […]

Why are we still paying for textbooks?

An overwhelming number of us have to pay for textbooks.We spend money to read them, to understand them and to create our own.But we can’t afford it, we say.This has led to an epidemic of students and teachers not knowing where to find the best books, and a decline in instruction in some schools.As the […]

How to get a textbook broker to pay for your education

A new study finds that for most students, textbook brokers are just as bad as textbook publishers.The new research from The Wall Street Journal’s Robert Kuttner and Paul Hilderbrand shows that while textbook publishers earn a lot of money, the textbook brokers make much less than booksellers.“If a textbook publisher gets a $10,000 loan, it […]

New German textbook to boost students’ academic performance

By NBC NewsA German textbook has been touted as a way to boost academic performance by teaching students about the history of science and the impact of technology.The text, entitled “Geology, Genetics and Evolution: A History” is the first book by German publisher Verlag der Verwaltungsfähigkeit, or Verwachtungsführendeit, which describes itself as a “global learning […]

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