Why you should download audio textbooks for your students

You might be wondering how you can afford to buy audio books for your children when you don’t have much money.The answer is that there are many great options available for you to choose from.But what if you don�t want to spend hundreds of dollars?You can also make money by purchasing online and buying audio […]

How to get students excited about science, technology, engineering, and math (TechEd)

The first step in becoming a great scientist is to make sure that students are interested in science.But if you’re going to give them an immersive, hands-on, hands on experience, the most effective way to make that happen is to provide a solid foundation in the subject matter that they’re interested in.As we head into […]

The Bookstore That Doesn’t Sell Anything Else

This is the first article in a series on how textbooks and bookstores compare in quality.This post will compare textbooks, bookstore, and school supplies in stores.The books listed here are listed on Amazon, and all of them are listed at $10.I bought a textbook online from the University of Minnesota.I wanted to make sure that […]

Why did the United States elect a conservative president? Part 2: The GOP won’t accept that a Democrat is the only solution to the nation’s problems

By Matt ApuzzoThe Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling ushered in the era of the super PAC, where millions of dollars can be raised by individuals, corporations, unions, and political parties for electioneering purposes.Now, with the election looming, some of the same money is coming back to America’s political system.In a piece published today, Axios columnist […]

NHL Draft 2017: DraftKings $30 million book,book brokers trade,textbooks unr

NEW YORK — An artificial intelligence research company, Open Source Books, announced Monday that it has bought textbooks from a number of book publishers for $30,000 each.Open Source Books is a new company that is launching a “smartbook ecosystem” that allows publishers to buy and sell textbooks directly to their readers.The company said it will […]

Which of the following is the best textbook for a Chinese learner?

This question originally appeared on Quora.More questions about books are welcome on the Quora forum.

How to Make Your Own Kindle bookshelt shelf, or how to sell books from a library to a library on Amazon’s website

How to make a bookshelelf.How to build a library shelf.How books get read.And, most importantly, how to make your own Kindle bookshelves from a blank shelf.In short, you can build a bookshelve from an old textbook, or from an empty shelf that’s being read or used as a reading table.The first time I made my […]

How to Think Like a Chemist: An Introduction to Chemistry

title How To Think Like A Chemist?An Introduction To Chemistry article source The Daily Telegraph title The Daily Mail article title Daily Mail Article title The Sun article title The Mirror article title Telegraph article title News.com.au article title Mail article article title Metro article title Melbourne Post article title ABC News article title Guardian […]

Which NFL players were arrested for marijuana?

With the NFL season winding down and no Super Bowl scheduled, NFL teams are going through their roster changes.With the league moving forward, we asked a number of experts what the future holds for players who were arrested and/or indicted in their careers for marijuana.Here are some key players who have been linked to marijuana […]

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