The best online textbooks for the low price

The best available online textbooks are on the rise, and you may want to check them out first.The list includes free textbooks, discounted textbooks, and free textbooks for families.However, if you need to rent a textbook, you’re not out of luck.Here are some free online textbooks you may not know about.

Cheap textbook rentals fall sharply as demand for textbooks drops

RENTON, Wash.— �This book is a great deal for the money,� said Scott Biederman, a senior editor at�And the customer service and support is great.� is selling nearly 400,000 books for $50 each through its Kindle store.That�s a bargain compared with the number of books it sold last year.The company has sold more than […]

When a college professor wants to rent out your DNA book, what’s the catch?

A professor who wants to use her DNA textbook for her class has to register the books with the College Board and get a waiver from the U.S. Department of Education, the Department of Health and Human Services and the University of California, according to a recent report by The Washington Post.The College Board, which […]

How to find the cheapest book rental online at your local bookstore

The cheapest book books online may be a great deal but you can be assured they are not the best.You can get them for less than half the cost of renting them, which is not a bad deal at all.This guide is here to help you find the best online book rental deals and tips […]

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