When to use a ‘best practice’ as an example for teaching python

I have spent the last few weeks trying to understand the best practices for teaching Python.I’ve learnt a lot from the feedback I’ve received and have even started a blog where I share my own experience of teaching Python in the classroom.In this post I want to give a couple of examples that are both […]

How to sell your textbooks at Amazon.com

A new app can help you sell your books online at Amazon, but it’s more complicated than you might think.The app, called B.A.S.E. (buy books online with Amazon) offers a free textbook download service.You can choose from a number of titles, including:1.The Book of Common Sense by Charles Stross, a history of science and technology.2.The […]

How to read science textbooks

Modern chemistry textbooks are one of the few things that people know better than they know themselves.It’s hard to believe that the first edition of the modern textbook was written in 1843.The next edition is likely to be in about 20 years.This article will look at the fundamentals of the chemistry textbook.In the next section […]

Google, Yahoo: Study Guide to US Presidential Elections

Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple and Yahoo are among the world’s top five companies for political content, according to a new survey of more than 6,000 websites.The survey, conducted by data firm Comscore, also found that Facebook, Google and Twitter are the most popular news and political content platforms in the world, with over one-third of […]

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