How to sell textbooks in Spain: What to look for

When I first started teaching Spanish, I was told that I was a “real” teacher and that I had to make money, but I was just learning the language.Since then, I’ve seen many people selling their textbooks online and I’ve even seen some sell in stores, and I’m still not convinced that this is a […]

L’Alma: Algebra for students from the ages of 8 to 15

L’Angelli dell’Alba della Pisa is a collection of articles written by the author of “Algebra for Students from the Ages of 8-15”.In this edition, you will find: 1) a short essay on geometry by Alessandro Lazzari, a professor of geometry at L’Espagna di Pisa, the university in Italy, which also has a branch in Florence; […]

How to buy a textbook

Buyback of textbooks, especially textbooks written by top-ranked professors, has become an increasingly common practice in many universities.This article will cover the basic process of the process.How to purchase a textbook The process of purchasing a textbook can be quite complicated.While there are many ways to buy textbooks, there are only two common methods: by […]

How to find the perfect pirate textbook

What you need to know about pirate textbooks: What are the biggest challenges you faced with finding the right pirate textbooks?The pirates who were able to make it on pirate textbooks were a small handful, but they were all able to overcome the challenges, as evidenced by the success they had with their pirate textbooks.The […]

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