How to book your next class? Weve found the best textbook solutions

What is textbook?What is a textbook?There are many different terms used to describe books.For example, a textbook can be considered a work of art, a product of the creative mind, a reference for the student, or a product for the classroom.A book is a work or a collection of facts and ideas that can be […]

How to sell books online using Amazon and Google in the UK

The first ever textbook sale was on Tuesday in London, where booksellers were selling textbooks to people with credit cards for a price of £1,499.But the sale is a far cry from the way people normally shop for books online.The process has changed since the advent of the digital age.As a result, a textbook has […]

When AI and bookselling is ‘just one of the issues’ to be discussed in 2017

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a technology that is constantly being developed, so the focus is always on it.And that’s why books are so important.A big part of the market is already being created by AI.And we will see how it evolves.In 2017, we are expected to have the most books sold, in terms of volumes.And […]

The Real IDades 2 book is finally coming online — Axios

Axios/Bloomberg News/Business Insider A new edition of the textbook sold by Pearson, the parent of The New York Times, is finally available for purchase online, and the price has gone up.In a statement provided to Axios, Pearson said it’s working with publisher Realidades to bring the textbook to its website, and that the price was […]

Textbook Finder for Apple’s iBooks

Bookseller Unr found an error in an online textbook listing the most popular textbooks for the Apple iBooks app.A search on the bookseller’s website turned up the books listed as part of the “Best Online Schools” list on the company’s website, which is part of its “Teacher Resources” section.The books listed were not in the […]

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