Why you shouldn’t be buying the textbooks from the UK [The Independent]

The UK is one of the few countries in the world that can legally import textbooks from abroad.But the UK is also one of only two countries that has to abide by strict regulations in order to do so.That means that if you want to purchase a book from the country, you have to buy […]

Which UCLa textbooks are you buying?

You might think you know which UCL textbooks are coming to the market.You probably don’t.What you don’t know is that you might have missed out on a great selection.Here’s a rundown of what you need to know.What is UCLA?UCLAs are free-standing textbook publishers.They offer up to 100,000 books, and their catalogue is growing.UCL’s publisher, Pearson, […]

Study finds online textbooks free for some students

The US government has found online textbooks that students can access for free in their home state can help them graduate, according to a new study.The Department of Education said the study shows that the free access to online education helps students complete college courses and get their degrees.It said the research is the first […]

When it comes to college physics textbooks, the prices are really sky high!

college physics,publications,school,book,books,college source MTV World News title The college textbooks that are going for the sky-high prices article school,college,book source MTV Online title This college textbooks are $1,000 more expensive than the average article books,bookstore,books online,books source MTV Video

What you need to know about the next generation of textbooks, geometry textbooks, and astronomy textbooks.

Recode is proud to announce the next wave of our comprehensive, open-source textbooks, the new, Open Geometry series, which we launched this past January.Our goal with this series is to help students explore new topics by providing them with the tools and resources to build a comprehensive, modern understanding of the cosmos, the solar system, […]

UVA textbook

UVA has announced a major overhaul of its online textbook offerings, including removing a large section devoted to the UVA Medical School.UVA’s online textbooks have been widely criticized for lacking in information, content, and content descriptions that are specific to the medical school.The university announced the change today, calling the changes “transformational” for students and […]

U.S. student loans under pressure as student debt continues to climb

By JEFFREY ROBERTS, AP U.N.ICE, Senegal (AP) With U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson on a trip to the U.A.E., Senegal is feeling the pressure to address student loan debt and help people with low incomes.With U,S.President Donald Trump on a visit to Senegal and South Africa, there’s no sign that the U-S.will act to help […]

Apple Bookstore offers discounted prices on Pearson textbook titles

Apple has long offered discounted textbooks for its Apple TV streaming service, with some priced lower than the rest of the company’s catalog.But now that Apple TV users are getting the full Apple Books collection, the company is offering discounts on its own titles for the first time.In addition to the Apple Books catalog, Apple […]

Which Chinese textbook will you choose for your children?

The U.S. government says the new edition of the classic children’s textbook, “Chinese: The Language of China,” will be available in 2018.The government also announced that the Chinese version of the textbook will include more Mandarin characters and will be more robust than the previous edition, which was published in 2011.“We are very excited to […]

How to sell an online textbook

A brand-new textbook on Chinese history from an online publisher has received more than a quarter of a million hits since it was launched last week, with the authors selling it for more than $5,000.In the last two months, the publisher, Nanfang Group, has sold more than 400,000 copies of The China History Encyclopedia, a […]

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